Select Few Beauty Items For A Consistent Makeup

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I tend to be hyperbolic, a trait that suits me as a writer. So when I said I needed to try everything in the Kosas line, I don’t mean literally everything. However, I have tried a wide range of their products after hearing beauty experts rave about almost every product in their line over and over again. Many of their makeup products have skin-enhancing benefits, which is a pretty ideal combination for a beauty writer.

When I saw the brand on my clean beauty product site, I knew I finally had to try their products. Spoiler alert: the online buzz did not disappoint. Read on for detailed reviews of all the products I tried.

I know summer is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean I’m ready to give up my summer glow. Velvet melon makeup material is the perfect combination of blush and highlighter for travel. The coral blush and light element are a great way to warm up my makeup look. I use the blush on my cheeks and lips and use the highlighter all over my body and on my eyes for a quick and simple makeup look.

Try This New Item

I’ve always been a makeup picky, but I never paid much attention to makeup because I associate it with the cinnamon-scented torture devices of my teens. The Dip shade of the makeup was so pretty that I decided to give the volumizing glosses another go. There is literally no tingling or burning here, but my lips look really good and perfect when I reach for this gloss, which has been every day since I got it.

Best Quality Makeup.

I came of age during the article for years, and I still cringe at the memory of it. Once the dewy beauty look took over, I never looked back, until recently. I noticed that all the beauty experts on Instagram and YouTube were wearing this setup and their makeup looked amazing. I decided to re-dip my toe in powder with this setup item and I’m glad I did. It’s a really clear complexion that helps set my makeup without taking away the glow factor and helps spread my makeup on sweltering days.

Make Use Of This Chosen Makeup

A concealer that also acts as a spot treatment is basically a dream come true (although I’d take an acne-free dream if I could). This makeup item feels great when you apply it, and despite being a spot treatment, it doesn’t dry out at all. I appreciate that the brush provides a light amount of product as I find many concealer wands spread too much.

Best kind Of Makeup

This item is robbing me of my beloved makeup item that I didn’t see coming. It’s full coverage without being too flat or matte, and it includes what’s perfect for days when I’m in a hurry and don’t want to worry about applying it and waiting for it to absorb.

This was the Kosas product that I was most excited to try, but it was also the one that made me the most skeptical. The idea of ​​a tinted face oil really appealed to me, as it sounds incredibly shiny (don’t worry, it is), but I assumed it would have very light coverage (more like a tinted moisturizer). I am happy to admit that I was wrong. This really luxurious feel of this item is as complete as any foundation. It applies great but hasn’t held up all day in 90 degree summer weather. I can’t wait to try it again once temperatures drop to more reasonable numbers. Since it has a ton of moisturizing ingredients, it’s probably ideal for the dry season of winter. If you have dry skin, this tinted face oil will probably work for you year-round.

More Items To Wear

Another fun summer beauty problem? Body acne. I haven’t been using this body wash long enough to see any significant results, but I know it doesn’t irritate the delicate skin on my chest like most acne products do. I am glad that I can use this product consistently and comfortably.

Face Makeup Stuff

Thanks to my Greek heritage, I have a lot of hair and as a result, my face can be quite stubborn. Fortunately, this gel holds everything in place very well. As a bonus, it comes in tons of different shades, so most people should find one that works well for them.

Something To Improve Your Appearance

Is the search for the perfect makeup really over? It is not like this. However, I am always a happy camper when I can find this one that focuses on making lashes look dark and lush, without flaking or the dreaded raccoon eyes that seem to always occur at the same time as 3pm. collapse blows. This article makes the cut.


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