As we all know Spanx is one of the most famous and my favorite brands of all time. I came across this brand when hundreds of Hollywood stars wore the undergarments from Spanx on their big days and felt comfortable.

So, why wouldn’t I love to buy from here? And especially when it is on sale?

Notification of an ongoing Spanx sale online popped up on my phone and excitement took over my mind.
And I spontaneously ordered a dozen of products and got my entire monthly budget abrupt. But still, it was a steal deal for me because buying so many products from different categories at such reasonable prices is what we all always want.

Now, let’s dig into my box of clothes that recently got delivered and I am just way too curious to try them on.

There were multiple amazing options for the tops on sale so I bought a couple of them;

I bought these comfortable bottoms because they were top-rated yet on sale. I wanted leather leggings so that I could wear them casually as well while running errands and

All the tops I have purchased from here are differently designed and are in different fabrics, this indicates the amount of variety and options Spanx has.

Because Spanx is most known for shapewear and undergarments, I undoubtedly had to buy a few from them. So bought one each from three categories; thongs, bodysuits, and bralettes.

I bought one bodysuit as well because I wanted to see how would it fit me, and why are they this highly rated.

This is all about, what I bought from Spanx on sale as it becomes one of the cheapest place to buy garments.


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