We all know East Asians are ahead in skincare, their ways of taking care is remarkable and appreciable. Today I am going to be sharing my Korea skincare routine as you all know Korea is famous for its harsh beauty standards so as usual the skincare is hard to. I have got all my products from sephora.
First of all we need jade rollers ,which are the most important thing .You have to massage your face it to reduce your puffiness and it also regulates your blood circulation.

The next thing which I apply on my face is an oil based cleanser because I have a dry skin, so applying oil moistens your face and removes the impurities .After that use a cotton to remove the oil .I used ordinary cleanser.

Then exfoliate your skin, to remove dead skin cells ,it will brighten your skin and make it more firm. I used Paula’s choice exfoliator because it removes blackheads from your skin.

Then I use a toner cause it removes the last traces of dirt or impurities stuck on your face. I got it from fenty skin.

Now it’s the time to apply serum ,it removes your blemishes and brightens your skin and is also used as an anti aging .The best serum is of The ordinary with 2% hydraulic acid.

Last but not least you need a sheet mask, it hydrates your skin and makes it more fresh .I use coconut sheet mask which smells nice and also nourishes my skin.

Don’t forget to apply an under eye cream it will prevent you from getting eye bags and lastly I apply sunscreen because you have to save your skin from the harmful uv rays.

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