Weekend Tricks and Ways To Spend Valuable Time

If you’re like me, you have a long list of home projects and vision board ideas that you just can’t seem to make. Our dear friend, procrastination (or, you know, old anxiety) can make it all too easy to put these kinds of things aside for another day. But as we head into the colder months, holiday gatherings and cozy nights in are just around the corner, which means it’s about time you and I gave our respective homes the pampering they deserve. deserve. To help transform your home or apartment before the busy winter months, here are 32 of the best home and DIY projects you can tackle this weekend.

Long-awaited Tasks To Check Off Your List

Replace Your Cabinet Hardware

If your kitchen looks dull and dated, I’d be willing to bet your hardware is to blame. Old or unattractive handles and knobs can make the entire space feel lackluster. Fortunately, changing hardware is a simple and inexpensive home project that can easily be done in a day. Opt for a new shape or finish (brass is very popular right now, while matte black is great for a sleek, modern look) and simply screw them on. If you are changing the hardware style, you may need to create a new screw. holes, but a drill makes it very easy.

Roll Out A New Area Rug

Of all the decorative elements in a room, I’d say area rugs make the most impact. Changing the rug is a bit more subtle than, say, investing in a new sofa, but this change can still have a transformative effect on a room. Whether you go for a classic neutral design or a bold, colorful pattern, the right rug can make the space. Since this swap usually involves moving a lot of furniture, it’s best to save home projects like this for the weekend. While you’re moving things, you may want to try a new furniture arrangement. A fresh perspective can also work wonders.


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