Precious and Decent Outlook of American Kitchen

The waterfall countertop trend has taken American kitchens by storm. As a popular design, homeowners are discovering new ways to include them in their interior spaces. It is an exciting period and it will be interesting to see how the trend develops.

Waterfall Countertop

According to interior designer Kate Lindberg, “The edge of a waterfall isn’t just for the ultra-modern home. It can work in a contemporary, transitional, coastal space, or even the right kind of traditional space if you’re open to combining elements.”

Elegant Wood Waterfall Countertop

A waterfall countertop drops vertically down the sides rather than stopping abruptly at the waterfall edge of a cabinet or island. It has a continuous flow, connecting the floor with the furniture in a fluid and natural way.

What is a waterfall countertop?

Cascading edges are design elements that create a 90-degree angle at the end of the length and width of a countertop. Instead of just finishing with a full edge, the countertop extends over the edges and into the floor. The “waterfall”: the name derives from the design of the countertop, which appears to be “overflowing” over the edge.

A waterfall countertop, while it may seem out of place in a traditional home, provides the strong, clean lines that are essential to contemporary kitchen design.

However, in the bathrooms, the sides of the sinks are connected to the walls or floors by means of a stone slab with a smooth finish.

Carefully selected by our team of kitchen design experts, the following examples showcase the beauty of waterfall countertops.

Modern White Marble Waterfall Countertop

Waterfall countertops have a sleek, minimalist look that makes them a particularly good choice for contemporary interiors. Its strong, clean lines would look out of place in a traditional or farmhouse kitchen, but would fit nicely in a modern or contemporary bathroom.


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