Hey guys welcome to my fashion blog, I am here once again to help you with your hat crisis. Hats are an essential part of an outfit and have major importance. Come on now let me tell you about the different types of hats and where should you wear them. Revolve has the best collection of hats.
This first one is super cute and it keeps you warm in extreme temperatures. It is a Metallic Pom Hat and it is very cheap. A beanie on a woolen jacket looks cool and stylish .There are more beanies on revolve like this.

Next is this black and white bucket hat, it keeps you warm and makes your forehead looks small. It has a soft material which is perfect for summers as well as winters.

This inca bucket hat is hand woven and is absolutely perfect for beaches, with a sundress and cute glasses on. Revolve has many colors available in it .Brown hat with yellow bathing suit is a cherry on top.

This leopard beret is gorgeous and astounding, and this black leather beret is stunning. Mostly artist wears them but normal people can also wear it .I am happy revolve has variety of berets available.

Next is this heavy cotton baseball cap which is available in blue and pink color, you can wear it to a game or even to the gym it will add beauty to your tracksuit or whatever you wear.

The fedora hat at revolve is a catch, it protects you from the weather and wind, this melodic fedora is also very beautiful and will be nice if you wear it to a party. These were all the hats which I loved on revolve for more check out revolve.


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