The Wearable For Occasion With Delightful Appearance

Every year, the fourth Thursday of November arrives. As we roll out of bed, ready to gear up for the most remarkable party of the year, another event is simmering just below the surface, preparing to rear its head: the competition of who will take home the unspoken title of best-dressed cousin. at Thanksgiving dinner. .

We’ve all been there: You have an outfit lined up weeks before that you think will bring you a landslide victory, but then a dark cousin you’ve never seen without sweatpants decides to pull out a leather blazer that tops your tartan. pants, and you have to wait another 365 days to prove that you are the most fashionable of the family.

This year, we’re thinking outside the box and creating Thanksgiving outfits that say “I’m the coolest here” no questions asked; all it takes is a bit of strategy, a winning mentality, and a commitment to the game.

Be Unpredictable

Traditional Thanksgiving outfits tend to fit into predictable boxes: a sea of ​​fiery oranges and reds, tight plaids, and a flurry of suede boots piled on the front door. But to be the best dressed cousin, you have to think outside the box and get a little awkward.

Instead of going with your gut, give yourself the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Instead of plaid, opt for a modern retro geometric pattern; If your instinct is to go for a skinny pair of pants, try a relaxed, effortless pair in a larger fit. Create the bones of a great Thanksgiving outfit, then add a bit of flavor.

Take Advantage Of Plugins

By now we know that accessories can make or break a look, so come Thanksgiving, be sure to harness the power they can have.


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